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What is a 'Joint Venture': Property Investment

What is a 'Joint-Venture' and how do they help propel your results forward?

A J.V. is an arrangement between two people to leverage the resources that each person brings to the table.

For example, some people have access to finance but are short on time to find deals. Others have the time and deal-finding expertise, but are short on finance.

These two people teaming up and pooling their resources means they can both get ahead faster with greater leverage.

Everything needs to be done properly with a legal agreement of course.

And yes, it means splitting the profits you make in half, but HALF of SOMETHING is better than ALL of NOTHING.

Most of our clients and team utilise J.V's constantly and they are great.

This is just one of many advantages of being a part of a dynamic group of like-minded people. You get the results of those who you hang around so having people pull you up is important.

The photo is our 'Advanced Results Team' in the market together. We meet every Wednesday, undergo upskill training and personal development, discuss the market and strategise.

Then we head out as a team to visit potential and current deals, analyse different deal angles, learn 'on the go' by seeing it all being done real-time; Renovations, Trades, Development sites, Buy & Hold deals of all kinds.

It's amazing. We support each other and celebrate each others wins.

If this sounds like an environment you'd like to be a part of, get in touch, we would love to see how we could help. Just go here:

Talk soon!

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