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$100,304 profit on this Auckland Trade Deal

Today's Motivation...😍

$100,304 pre-tax (after gst) profit on this recent trade in Otahuhu by one of our tribe.

Check out the pics, and feel free to say 'Wiiiiiiicked cool!" out loud.

And for you numbers peeps, here ya go:

Purchase Price: $721,739 Excl gst

Sale Price: $963,043 Excl gst

Renovation: $87,300 Excl

Holding Costs: $16,300

Solicitor: $2,900 Excl

Incidentals (rates/water rates/insurance):$900 Excl

Agent Fee: $33,600 Excl

Total Costs: $141,000

Gross Profit After GST: $100,304

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