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Noise in the NZ property market

NOISE. There is a lot of it out there every day.

"The market is falling and could fall by 20%."

"Interest rates are rising."

"Now is a terrible time to buy."

These are just some of the messages out there in the market right now.

Does this mean that there is no opportunity at present? It’s interesting when we talk to those in, or looking to get into Property Investment, that last year’s boom period up until November 2021 was a terrible time to buy as prices were so high, yields were awful and there was so much competition.

Fast forward 10 months and prices have fallen, yields are improving and some of the auction rooms are struggling to even find a single bid.

It’s certainly a better time to be buying now than it was back then, yet so many people are too fearful and would rather not take action (provided they can) and read too much into the noise that currently exists.

On the flipside, why are others still very active in the market and still finding outstanding deals or trades? Some trades for instance we’ve seen margins of over $100K, with some being done contemporaneously. They are so excited by this market and have been waiting for this time.

In my simple way of thinking, if we believe the market is too hard or there are no deals to be had, there is one certainty; It WILL be just that.

If, however we believe that there are opportunities out there (and I mean incredible opportunities) then those opportunities will gravitate to us if we are prepared to do the hard work and learn how to capitalise on the opportunities this market provides

Is it worth the hard work? If the hard work means providing you with options, opportunities and more importantly the time to do the things you love with the people you most want to do them with on your terms, then I’d suggest it absolutely is.

The language we use on ourselves is so important. If we tell ourselves that it’s a terrible time, the market is falling, interest rates are rising and as a result, you’d be crazy to invest or trade in this market, that is exactly what will happen and furthermore and worse still, nothing will change.

Tell ourselves the opposite and imagine what that might look like. I’d suggest that would look pretty exciting.

Don’t let the noise stop you from moving forward. Remember, it’s just that. NOISE!

What do you think team? What language will you be using on yourself?



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