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'No' Means NOTHING

It’s AMAZING what can be on the other side of "NO!" 😉

Far too often we see people stop at the point of getting told "NO".

We might be looking to get finance and have spoken to a broker and or a bank. For whatever reason, you get turned down for a loan.

We might have spoken to a surveyor regarding a development and they say you can’t develop the site unless you shift the house, potentially costing tens of thousands as well as time.

What if we simply always believed this to be 100% factual and that this was the only answer. After all, they are the experts right?

Imagine however, how things may look, if instead of stopping at the first "NO", we asked ourselves;

“How CAN we do this deal?" or,

"Is there another way this could work better?"

Imagine if, by doing so, you actually get told by another broker or bank that by changing a few things, YES, we can get you the finance. That then enables you to have bought the incredible deal you found, providing you with the equity that then enabled you to purchase a subsequent outstanding deal with none of your own money.

And so the process continues as does your goal of financial independence.

At AssetLab, we simply like to think of "NO" as an opening negotiating position. Explore further and keep pushing. At the end of all of this you may still end up with a "NO". Bust just imagine a future where that NO turned into a YES.

Try it team and tell us how you get on. It could be as simple as asking for a discount on your electricity bill.

We always love to hear your stories. C’mon, what’s the worst thing that can happen? You get told NO. That’s not so bad is it?

Just remember this. "A NO we already have. A YES, we might just get?"



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