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$49,761 Profit (pre-tax) on first Property trade/flip in Auckland

$49,761 Profit (pre-tax)!

This is the profit Callum just made on his first deal following our training. Check out the pics below!

How many of these would it take to really make a difference in your life?

Our team are doing them right now. If you want to learn how to do it, we would love to show you!

If you are a numbers person, here's the full picture:

All figures are GST exclusive for full transparency:

Purchase price: $517,391 ($595,000 Incl GST) Renovation: $44,000 Holding Costs: $20,000 Lawyer: $3500 (purchase and sale) Incidentals (Rates, Water, Insurance): $1000 Real Estate Agent: $20, 869 TOTAL COSTS: $89,369

Sale Price: $656,522 ($755,000 Incl GST)

$49,761 Profit (pre-tax)!

When you are ready, here’s how we can help you succeed:

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3) Get in touch for a chat about how we can help you with our selection of programs and coaching options.

4) Check out the incredible value in the Assetlab Masterclass HERE

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