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$148,500 equity created in their first home (which they thought they could never buy)

Not bad for a first home purchase...

Two of our clients just purchased their first home. Not bad considering they previously believed:

"There was no way we could ever own our own home"

There is usually a way. They applied everything we taught them and put in the hard work (it's a great story to hear), and this was the result:

Purchase Price: $631,500 Renovation cost: $55,000 Registered Valuation: $835,000

Instant equity created: $148,500

How long would it take to SAVE, or pay off your mortgage $148,500? For most of us, it would take a long time.


✅They were able to purchase when they previously thought it was impossible by getting extra education: "We don't know what we don't know!"

✅They followed the game-plan and worked hard (it was worth it)

✅They negotiated like pro's and took advice from their coaches and applied it to get an excellent deal: "The profit is often made in the purchase"

✅They followed the renovation guidelines from Sally and James, took advantage of group buying power, and completed a beautiful renovation which added significant value to the home.

They created nearly $150,000 of real equity on Day 1!

They now have a beautiful home, a great deal, and can leverage the equity to build their investment portfolio into the future.

If you are feeling stuck, helpless, despondent, or just want to know how to move forward in the current market, see you at our next event! It will change your game!

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