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The same old information simply won't cut it.

Take advantage of the most relevant up to the minute information and techniques exclusively with AssetLab.



$37.00 - $67.00

** AssetLab wants to REWARD YOU! **

We have allocated a set number of seats to be available on a limited PRE-SALE offer especially for those that know about us, have been supporting us and want an accessible way of sharing us with the family and friends you feel might benefit.

Claim your limited $27 PRE-SALE ticket below!

Learn to LEVERAGE the OPPORTUNITIES being created by the changing property market.

PROPERTY SUMMIT 2018 "CHANGE IS NOW" builds on the overwhelming success of the 2017 Summit where over 450 people packed the SOLD-OUT room! 

AssetLab has a commitment to ensure our clients benefit and grow from anything that we offer.

PROPERTY SUMMIT 2018 is the perfect example of why we differ from others in the Market.

Anyone who was at our last PROPERTY SUMMIT will attest to the value of the day. The information and presentations are all from real property investors, with real hands on skin in the game, who have created real equity and wealth.

This CANNOT be achieved through applying cookie cutter 'one-size-fits-all' information to real world deals. Every negotiation, every person and every moment in time is different.


For years we have spoken of a time when this change will occur and the opportunities that could be taken advantage of. That time IS NOW! 

EXCLUSIVE to AssetLab we have NEW RESEARCH, CUSTOMISED NEW TECHNIQUES, methods to evaluate and identify NEW & RARE OPPORTUNITIES, and the HIGHEST CALIBRE SPEAKERS that are relevant and currently in touch with every aspect of the property market.

This is NOT TO BE MISSED! There has never been a better time to get your first investment property, achieve the dream of owning your own home, extend and leverage your existing equity within these highly unusual and beneficial times, or simply connect with experts that will show you how to maximise the yield on and existing portfolio.

This is a RARE & LIMITED WINDOW for the property market with NEVER BEFORE SEEN OPPORTUNITIES. 

"Property Summit 2018 'CHANGE IS NOW'

is ONE DAY that could change your ONE LIFE!"



Are you looking to improve your financial security and provide lasting financial freedom for you and your family?

Learn how you can profit and create financial independence from the current property market at NZ’s Premiere Property Education Event!

Taught by REAL full-time expert property investors and traders whom started from nothing, in employment, and who now have portfolios worth tens of millions of dollars, and positive cash-flows in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, they have been through multiple property cycles, not just a boom, so they will share what you need to know about what could be coming in the market (massive opportunity!) and how to prepare and profit from it.

They have followed a simple, but effective (and safe) formula which they'll be sharing with you on the day. No hype, no bull, no get-rich-quick promises, and NO HARD SALES PITCH! This is a highly value-focused education event unlike any which has been held in New Zealand before. If there is one event you will attend in 2018 to help achieve your financial goals, make sure this is it!

Here's what you'll learn:

Property Market 'Crash Course'

Anybody who can buy a house can make money in a rising market. The true test of an investor is whether they can make money in a changing/declining market. We will show you why we don't mind if the market drops, in fact...We get excited (really excited) about it! We'll share robust strategies which work in the current market and the market we may be heading for, so that you can stay safe and invest with confidence regardless of what is happening.

Positive Cash-Flow 

It’s the holy grail of long-term, low-risk property investment. Apparently it 'can't be done' anymore. You'll see how it can be done and is being done by our clients everyday.

The ‘Property Success Blueprint'

The fancy name for a simple (yet powerful and generally overlooked) strategy which will help you to continue buying profitable investments even in the current market when the deposit requirements are high, the banks are tighter, and yields are lower. And most importantly of all, to keep you safe if the market falls so you can hold onto your portfolio and sleep at night.

The Good, The Bad, and the Downright Ugly

Sorry to burst anybody's bubble, but property investment isn't all sunshine and rainbows. It can be tough and the mistakes can be costly. We will be sharing with you raw and uncut examples of when things go wrong, so that you can learn from our mistakes and avoid making them yourself. Knowing what NOT to do can be as important as knowing what TO do, this is invaluable information straight from real experience.

Deals straight from the horses' mouths 

Anybody can say anything about results (and many do) but there's nothing like hearing current examples happening right now straight from the horse's mouth. In this case the horses are our clients. They'll be there to talk to you, answer questions and share examples of deals they are doing right now. If this doesn't inspire you, nothing will!

Analysing the numbers 101

Cutting through all of the jargon, we'll share with you the numbers and formula's you need to know to help you succeed and how to make them work for you. 

Renovate for Profit

How to renovate at minimal cost to generate large chunks of cash and equity to grow your portfolio.

Financing the Deals

With the current LVR limits and banks tightening their lending criteria's, how do you get the funds to finance the deals? David Windler, CEO of The Mortgage Supply Company (and Mortgage Broker Of The Year) will be sharing with you the most current strategies for obtaining finance for holding or trading property in the current market.

Development Deals

If this is a strategy you have considered we'll be showing you some recent deals which are exciting as well as pointing out the risks and things to watch out for.

Still want more?


Shooting the Sacred Cows 

We'll dispel many of the myths and misconceptions with property investment in NZ. What we 'don't know that we don't know' holds us back for sure, but even more so 'what we do know, which just isn't so' is often more dangerous. 

Tips, Tactics, Tricks, Tools, and Techniques

All of the 'T's' used by experienced, highly successful investors who have been through multiple market cycles, all shared in a relaxed setting so you can sit back and soak it all up.

Open Q & A

No-Holds-Barred so you can get your questions answered by professionals doing it every day. 

Invaluable Networking

Who comes to this event? Our attendees include people from all stages of investment, from people just looking to get started, to those with a bit of experience, to some of the top 1% of property investors in NZ. You'll will have the chance to meet them, pick their brains, and network. These people may become future investment partners, Joint-Venture opportunities, support networks, property finders, advisors, or friends. 

Success Mindset

No flowery stuff or dancing on chairs, don't worry. But you do need to know what obstacles will come up, what beliefs may hold you back, and what it will take to make Property Investment a life-changing success for you.

Success mentor and best-selling author Tony Robbins says it best...

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved

the results you want and copy what they do and

you’ll achieve the same results."

Sounds simple doesn’t it?! Well the good news for you is at the Property Summit 2018 you will learn from highly experienced NZ property investors.

BONUS! (The real bonus is the event itself)

iVal Property Valuation Report - for any one property you like from Valocity

(retail value $44.95)


THIS EVENT has been designed to be the BEST, most Comprehensive Property event in Auckland. Our last event TOTALLY booked out with over 450 people attending! This one will sell out and the numbers are limited by the size of the venue. So, register now to make sure you don't miss out (this isn't marketing hype, we expect it to sell out well before the event).

Remember, the event has a 100% money-back guarantee policy so guarantees genuine, substantial value to you.

So BOOK NOW and we'll see you there!


Note: Refunds are available up until 7 days prior to the event date.

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