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Property tip #4: Why would you want to trade? 😲

Three reasons we use trading to move us forward...

Here's the thing; Learning to trade is an invaluable skill.

Whether it be trading property, cars, stocks, or Pokomon cards. Trading is a skill which is transferable and timeless.

We're talking property here, so here are the three reasons we use trading as a PART of our overall strategy;

1) To put food on the table: Some of our team and tribe are full-time traders. They have other stuff going on too, but trading produces a considerable part of their income. This isn't for everyone for sure, only a few people have the skills, means, time, and tenacity to trade full-time but for those who do, that's reason #1.

2) To build deposits for our rental property portfolio: This is a big one for us. 'Saving' a deposit is damn hard work. We prefer to 'create' deposits. One of the ways to do that is through trading and using the profits as deposits on good-quality rental property.

3) To reduce debt: At some point many investors choose to pay down their debt to reduce risk, increase cashflow, or for other reasons. Lump sums from property trading can help with this in a significant way.

Keep in mind that we 'give away' around half of our profit to the IRD and Real Estate Agent, so we want the half we get to keep to work hard for us.

Whether you want to be trading in this market right now is a discussion for another time, but these are robust reasons to at least learn the skill, no?

Oh, and here's today's mystery link. Given what's happening in the world right now, it felt timely. :-)


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