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October Property Tip #2

Massive Cliche: "Your netWORK creates your netWORTH". How true.

Real Estate Agents. We love them.

Not just the kind of love we have for a warm cinnamon doughnut at the beach, or even a panda hugging a kitten.

More like the love of your favourite pair of Ugg-boots in the heart of Winter. They give you SO much if you look after them, but if you don't...They fall apart and you're back to wearing crusty old socks.

We treat agents like gold, and we treat our relationships with them as a privilege.

Right now, many agents are doing it tough. Their sales volumes have plummeted and their income is taking a battering. Those that are managing to hang in there are returning our calls, quickly. They are calling us with deals, even agents we haven't heard from in years.

The relationship we have with our agents is a direct reflection of our deal-flow. And deal-flow equals results.

Any time is a good time to build and strengthen relationships with agents and your greater team. But right now is a GOLDEN time to build new relationships with agents and nurture those you have.

Most savvy investors will only look at a deal for a trade or to add to their portfolio in this market if it is a unicorn. It has to be a real scorcher to make sense right now.

How do we get those unicorns? How do we get the deals you hear about and think 'how the hell did they do that?!?"?

The most obvious way is to build strong relationships and have these deals brought to you.

So go forth and strengthen your agent network this week, Unicorn-Hunter.




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