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How is this for a deal???

It was just completed by one of our legendary tribe, in Tokoroa.

Here are the highlights:

Purchase Price: $225,000 Re-Build/Reno + Holding Costs: $165,000 Total Cost: $390,000

New Valuation: $650,000 Loan at 60% LVR: $390,000 Rent per week: $410 per unit (already tenanted)

So in case you missed it, that is an 11% Gross Yield, $260k in equity, and 100% financed since they can pull all of their capital back out!

Make no mistake, this client and her family are legends. They busted their butts on this project and you can see why by looking at the photos. But look at the result!

How many deals like this do you need to do to make a difference to your position?

Deals like this aren't found 'on the shelf', you need to create them and that's just the result of learning how to do them.

This market is a dream for acquiring cashflow assets under-value. There are hurdles to be navigated of course, but again...The answer is just education.

Serious question; What's it costing you if you're not doing (or preparing to do) deals in this market? What will it cost you 10 years from now?

If you don't like the answer to those questions, maybe get in touch with us...Just sayin'.

Property Downturns. They're awesome! Just like this deal.


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