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Be like Steph

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Be like Steph.

Steph in a valued Assetlab client.

Steph was selling her personal home, so approached a top agent in the area. The agent appraised the property at $680,000-$730,000. The appraisal data backed it up and Steph was ready to sign and hoped to sell for $700,000.

Steph is very smart. She knows that 'we don't know what we don't know' and to check with her coach. She called Arn (Assetlab coach and master negotiator).

Arn asked her to do a couple of things first, challenging what she had been told. Steph did because she is coachable and open to learning and guidance.

Shortly after, and with Arn guiding the process, Steph signed a contract to sell her house at $820,000 with a different agent and was unconditional in seven days.

In Steph's own words:

"If I hadn’t spoken to Arn, I would have been happy if we’d managed to sell for $700,000. So thanks to Arn’s guidance, we made another $120,000."

Be like Steph.

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