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$79,999 pre-tax (after gst) profit on this Auckland trade deal

$79,999 pre-tax (after gst) profit on this Auckland trade deal, completed in the last month.

From a $643,500 (excl gst) purchase price.

We kinda wish they had made an extra $1 since it is driving Phil's OCD nuts. But, not a bad result for a downturn market where apparently you can't trade huh?

This was also a JV between two tribe members to leverage each other's strengths and reduce risk.

Our tribe are still trading successfully in this downturn.

Yes, it is more risky if you don't know what you're doing.

No, you can't rely on the rising market to fix mistakes, in fact, mistakes are compounded by the falling market.

Yes, we are focusing strongly on acquiring (or preparing to) quality cash-flowing assets for long-term holding but trading is still a part of the overall strategy for many of our tribe.

Remember, 'You don't know what you don't know' and while people keep saying you can't do this any more, there are others out there doing it.

If you want the full picture so you can make informed decisions in this market check out the Crash Course event, the link is in the comments.

Now, back to focusing on that damn $1!


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