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Professional Renovator and Budget Hacker (and a Mum!)

“I am a self-confessed ‘renovation addict!

Nothing beats seeing that run down property renovated and then transformed into a modern, stylish home that turns a trade profit or has significantly increased equity.  I have helped so many investors renovate their trade or rental properties and I love seeing their results!


I have renovated more than 60 properties with James and can turn them over in a matter of weeks at an incredibly low price point.”

I am a trained teacher and had been teaching for twelve years before my husband thought that we needed to do something differently to plan for our retirement.  We did as most successful property investors do, we invested a lot of money into educating ourselves in all thing’s property. The first year was a wild ride where we poured everything we had into learning every aspect of property investing.  We purchased eleven houses in that first twelve months, three hold properties and completed eight trade properties.  I also started to project manage renovations for other investors which is when I quit my job.  Property investing was my new obsession! 


We had two main motivations in the beginning. We have two children and we wanted them to be able to live in Auckland near us and without our support they will not be able to afford the Auckland housing market.  We also wanted a passive income from our rental portfolio that would support us when we retire, well before the age of 65! We are so much closer to achieving both of these goals thanks to property investment.  

I want everyone to experience how by owning just one extra property they can significantly improve their financial situation. And once you get that feeling how can you stop at just one rental property?  There are so many properties out there, you just need to find the right one for you and your situation.


Teaching people has always been a passion of mine and now I get to combine it every day with my love of property and I cannot be more excited!

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