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Professional Property Renovator and Tradie Motivator (also a juicy Investor!)

16 Property transactions in his FIRST YEAR with hardly any money and no job!


That pretty much sums James up nicely. If there is a way, he will find it, and he does nothing by halves. 


As a full-time trader, investor, and renovator, since 2013 there isn’t much James can’t find a solution to. The 16 transactions in ‘year one’ were mostly ‘no-money-down deals’ due to the fact he had very little money and had to apply strategies to help build up enough equity to be able to move forward at a pace he wanted. 

He has applied sound strategies to build a ‘Buy & Hold’ property portfolio, while trading over 50 houses and renovating over 60 more along with Sally. 

As a qualified Mortgage Broker, he also has a passion for the finance side of the equation and is continuously up-skilling himself. 

James is passionate about all things property and how it can change lives and create security. 

When he is not out working on property deals you will find him clocking up hundreds of km’s on his bike (yes, he is a competitive athlete too!)

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