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Father/husband, Property Investor and educator (and Wannabe Golfer)

I know time is precious and I know my wife will be calling me to help get our 3 little girls ready for something, so I’ll try to be brief.

I am of Indian decent and was born in 1975. After graduating with a BCOM majoring in Marketing and a BA majoring in Japanese (yes I spoke Japanese better than I did Gujarati), I worked for Coca Cola. Working for a large Multi National and hopefully heading the marketing division was my dream.

The corporate ladder however is a long one and I quickly became dissatisfied with being told when I could have holidays, when I had to start and finish work and that if I was a really ‘good boy’ and met my targets, I MIGHT get a pay increase.

After going through a process of investing in myself and resetting my mind, I realized that there were other ways to achieve your dreams, be in control of your own destiny and ultimately live the life you want and having the freedom of choice.

After a 16-year career as a top selling Real Estate agent, I decided that although I was making some really good money, I was not in control of my time. I did not want to be the one missing out of my children’s activities simply because of appointments or Open Homes.

Over the past 17 years we (my wife and myself) have built a substantial property portfolio which now provides us the passive income we need to live the life we want to live and gives us so many choices than we once did not have. In short, it has taken work, but we are financially free.

Property is my passion. I love what it can do for people. I love how you can add value, how you can control it and the wonderful people I have been able to meet throughout the journey.

Helping people buy an investment property or build a portfolio is something that gives me immense satisfaction. Being a part of a process that can positively change people’s lives is an incredible feeling.

The beauty of property investment done correctly, is that it can not only change the life of your family, but ultimately future generations. To be able to play a part in that process is truly humbling.

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