Are you looking to buy your first investment property or family home? Do you own a home already that you would like to leverage the equity from to start investing for your future? Are you an investor already with multiple properties in your portfolio? Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to increase your communication and negotiation skills, develop advanced mindset skills, and be part of a network of other similar people? This is for you! Inside edge is for all levels and delivers high value skills, information and ongoing support all at incredible value.


We are all about delivering incredible value transparently and ethically helping people achieve the things that really matter in life. We’re real people, real investors with real experience. We don’t just stop at valuable, market relevant theory, we also deliver direct and ongoing support to make sure your property journey takes the best and safest high growth course. Our hands-on and client-focused approach sets us apart and is the reason our clients consistently recommend us to others. We are very proud of our team environment and you will find Asstelab staff and clients to be open, supportive, positive, and respectful, with a genuine desire to help you to succeed.

announcing inside edge.

Real Investors – Real People – Real Experience – There to help you…

The AssetLab Property Coaching Program has been designed with you, our client, in mind.

This is the most comprehensive and complete program designed to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

It is perfect for people looking to start out in Property Investment the right way based on sound investment strategies, or investors looking to build on the foundation they have set and join a valuable community of supportive investors and entrepreneurs on the same path.


here are the highlights:

  • One full day per week ‘live’ in the market with our team for the full hands-on experience. We analyse deals, evaluate areas, provide direct support, assist in negotiating deals, visit current and potential property deals, Mastermind current opportunities and challenges, have a lot of laughs, and learn from each other. These live experiences are invaluable learning opportunities!
  • Business and strategy planning specific to your property goals. We help create a plan based on your goals and then develop the tactics to achieve them. We walk beside you the whole way to keep you safe and increase your results, knowledge, and skills.
  • Over 30 hours of high-content training to prepare you for profitable and sustainable investing. This is the ‘crash-course’ in all things to do with successful property investment and is designed to help you get from A-Z regardless of your level of experience.
  • Ongoing Upskill training, Networking, and Mastermind Groups, including EXCLUSIVE access to industry leaders
  • Unlimited personal support and coaching from Assetlab team (invaluable). Successful, Multi-Millionaire investors with decades of experience through multiple property cycles and different investment strategies, who are also professionally trained coaches who can work with you at whatever level you are currently at.
  • Private Community Forum for questions and sharing wins, challenges, and learning’s. You want to be inside this, the environment is valuable, supportive, energetic, and positive with high engagement.
  • Face-to-face planning sessions for personalised strategy development. Assetlab coaches are there for you when you need us to make sure you get to the finish line!
  • Lending review completed by experienced finance professional (NZ’s top mortgage broker in fact!)
  • Access to our own team of qualified experts including Project Managers, Accountants, Tradespeople (everything you need), Lawyers, Mortgage Experts, Property Managers, Surveyors, and more
  • EXCLUSIVE access to some of the most successful Property Investors and traders in the industry. All willing to share their strategies, tactics, and perspectives with you (with no big ego’s, whew!)
  • The resources you need to succeed; Software, manuals, books, calculators, video training, and more…We give you everything you need, all included in your course fee (no hidden fees).
  • Significant Supplier Discounts negotiated on your behalf to save you thousands of $$$
  • Confidence and assurance that you are working with professionals who are professional, experienced, and transparent. Assetlab do NOT take kickbacks or refer developer stock for purchase. We do not sell houses or have any financial stake in any property you may look at to purchase, so there are no hidden agenda’s or vested interests.
  • And a few other significant benefits which we keep up our sleeve for clients only!